URI Quest requires an IBM compatible computer to run. Aside from this, you will need the AGI interpreter files from another Sierra AGI game. I cannot distribute the interpreter files with my game files since they are copyrighted programs. You can buy many of these older Sierra games at any software store. They are sold as part of certain collections.

So far, URI Quest has only been tested with interpreter versions 2.915, 2.917 and 2.936. It works fine with any of these, so I suggest using one of them. Using any earlier versions will be at your own risk, especially since I offer version 2.917 on this site. (see below)

The interpreter files you need are called SIERRA.COM (might be called KQ.COM or something similar), AGI (no extension), and any files with an .OVL extension. You can download a program called AGIVER.EXE from this web site to check your interpreter versions (see below). Run this program in your interpreter files directory and it will tell you what version you have.

IF YOU DON'T HAVE A CORRECT INTERPRETER VERSION: Sierra has, in the past, distributed free AGI demo programs. Demo Pack #3 included interpreter version 2.917. This interpreter will work fine with URI Quest. I will make this particular interpreter available on this site until Sierra says I can't, in which case I will remove it.

DISCLAIMER: URI Quest contains mild language and cheesy pixelated nudity. If you have a problem with this, you should really just relax. I've rated the game PG-13. I must stress that this is NOT an adults-only game.


Follow these easy steps to install and run URI Quest the way it was intended:

If you wish to check which version your interpreter files are, you can download AGIVER.ZIP. Unzip it into your interpreter files directory and run the file AGIVER.EXE.

If you do not have the correct version of the interpreter files, you can download the ones that came with Sierra's free DEMO PACK #3.

Download the file AGISB03.ZIP. This is a patch for your interpreter that will enable you to hear the music through your sound card. (Thanks to Anders M. Olsson)

Download the file URIQUEST.ZIP to your computer. This contains the actual game data.

Create a directory on your hard drive for URI Quest (For example, C:\AGI\URI\), and unzip the file (URIQUEST.ZIP) to that directory.

Copy your version 2.915, 2.917 or 2.936 interpreter files to this directory.

Unzip the sound card patch file (AGISB03.ZIP) to the same directory, then run the program AGISB.EXE. This will patch your interpreter to use your sound card to hear music. If you don't, only one channel of sound will come from your PC speaker and it will not sound very good.

Click on your SIERRA.COM file (or whatever it was called) to run the game. I have created a custom URI Quest icon for those people who wish to make a shortcut to the game in Windows. NOTE: If you rename your .COM file to URI.COM, your .PIF shortcut file will automatically change to the URI Quest icon.


For those of you keeping up with the digital age, you may notice alot of your older DOS games don't entirely work with the new MS operating systems. AGI games in particular won't have functional sound, because Windows NT/2000/XP don't support it under their emulated DOS modes. However, it is still possible to hear the sound in URI Quest if you follow these simple steps:

Patch the interpreter for Sound Blaster emulation (see file/instructions in the above section).

Go to the VDMSound Project Home Page (link opens in a new window) and download the latest version of VDMSound.

While you are at that site, also download VDMSound Launchpad. You should find a link to it on the main page or the download page.

First install VDMSound, then VDMSound Launchpad. Now go to the URI.COM (or whatever it is called) executable game file, right-click it and select Run with VDMS (instead of starting the game by running URI.COM by itself). The game should now run with sound under Windows NT/2000/XP! The program will also create a new shortcut icon you can use in the future to run the game with sound emulation.


The first time you switch to your in-game inventory, the game screen may become a small window (if you're running the game from Windows). Just press ALT-ENTER to fix the screen size. Windows should remember to use this screen size from now on.

If you are using Windows, you will want to go into the properties box of your URI Quest .PIF file and uncheck the option "allow screen saver" on the "Misc." tab. If you don't, your Windows screen saver could interrupt your game and mess it up.